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Raise your children in reliable, lasting furniture they can grow into at all stages of life. Easily convert and match pieces for any size room. We also offer rails for your little one’s safety and solid wood toys that can stand the test of time.


Throughout your child’s life there is a lot of change. With our quality built products, your child will seamlessly transition from one bed style to the next with little trouble.

a complete solution

The consistency of our products and finishes allow you to furnish the entire nursery in beautiful solid wood pieces that match perfectly.

Built to last

From birth to graduation and beyond.

The best gift you can get your child is a quality furniture set for their room. Our children’s bedroom furniture is made to last and can convert from a crib to a toddler bed and finally a full bed set. You can get matching pieces for their room that will also last them a lifetime. Our children’s bedding sets come with everything you will need to convert your set as well, safety rails for the toddlers and rails for the full-sized games.

Our recommendation is to purchase full sizes dressers and accent pieces so that your child will not grow out of smaller pieces of furniture.

We also have rocking chairs, rocking horses and toy boxes for your child. Since they are solid wood pieces, they can deal with a lot of the everyday use that you kids are able to throw at it.


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