Create a Relaxing Space in 4 Easy Steps

How to Create A Relaxing Space in 4 Easy Steps:

1). COLORS – Limit your color scheme to just a few colors. Patterns and bolder colors are great when you limit their use so your eyes are not constantly making movement from color to color. Less is always best and allows for a more relaxing feel.
2). CLUTTER: Eliminate as much clutter as possible, especially near where you enter the room. Seeing an open space when you enter a room allow for better flow.
3). FOCAL POINT: For each room pick a favorite piece and make it your focal point. This should be something that grabs attention when you enter the room. Some of the best focal points are things that you love or have a special attachment to.
4). TEXTURE: Add soft throws and pillows to a room to give you instant relaxation.
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