Choosing the Right Wood Finish for Your Furniture

When you go to choose a new piece of furniture for your home, most people will choose the piece that is most attractive to their eye.  While choosing that perfect piece for your home, there are many aspects that you need to consider such as the wood type, the finish, and the items intended purpose.  Here are a few things to consider:

1) Is it for Indoors or outdoors?

While the woods that we work with are all good hard woods, some woods are much more suitable for the outdoors while others are used more often used to build beautiful quality furniture for the indoor spaces.

While there is nothing wrong with building a Solid Walnut Adirondack Chair for the front porch, you won’t get the longevity if that same chair were made out of Cedar or Cypress woods or even the newer composite Poly Wood material.  At the same time, many people don’t want the more rustic look of those woods for their formal dining rooms and would choose woods such as Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut to furnish their indoor spaces.

At the Amish Merchant we offer a variety of outdoor furniture in real woods like Cedar and Cypress which are insect and rot resistant, along with a full line of the Composite Poly Wood furniture that is maintenance free!  All of our indoor furniture is available in a variety of woods such as Solid Oak, Cherry, Maple, Hickory and many others depending on the builders.

We also have several wood types that we offer in various grades.  We have the Rustic or Character grade of wood available in many of our pieces which gives it a more casual & less formal look.  It also lends itself perfectly to the more rustic and distressed finishes.  Cherry, Reg. Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, Maple, Hickory, & Walnut are often offered in the Rustic or Character grades.

2) Types of finishes?

All of our Wood outdoor furniture is available in a variety of colors and is finished with high quality outdoor finishes that are made to withstand years of use and exposure, but like anything, it will need upkeep and maintenance over the years.  Our Poly Material, which is maintenance free, is dyed all the way through and comes with a 20 year guarantee on the color alone, and lifetime on everything else.

Our indoor furniture is available in a variety of different stain colors.  While some stains look better on certain woods than others the possibilities are nearly endless!  We have stain colors ranging from natural woods to Honey Oak and Traditional Cherry colors all the way to the modern Espresso and Coffee stains!

We do the more modern stains, Espresso, Coffee, & Tobacco along with the painted finishes most often on Maple wood because it has a very smooth & fine grain pattern which lends itself to the clean modern looks.  Keep in mind though, like a black vehicle, the darker the color, the more noticeable every speck of dust is!

3) What is the intended use of your furniture?

What room are you furnishing?  How often and in what fashion will it be used?

Are you purchasing a dining table for daily use in a kitchen or something for occasional use in a formal dining room?

While all the woods that we work with are considered to be the good Hard Woods, all woods have their specific hardness.  Cherry, Maple, and Elm are all three at the lower end of the hardness and are more susceptible to minor dents and dings.  While Oak is in the middle range, the Quarter Sawn Oak, which is simply cut in a different way is more dense and less likely to damage simply because of the grain of the wood.  And if you want the Hardest of the hard woods, Hard Maple and Hickory are your best choices.  While Hickory is usually done in a Natural finish that shows off the natural beauty of the wood the look is more often considered to be a rustic look.  However, we can stain Hickory in your choice of stains and by doing so it takes away the rustic look of it and gives it a more elegant look.

4) Do you have children?

Long lasting American Made furniture is perfect for families because it is built to last. Regardless of the wood type and stain color you choose, all of our furniture is made of real solid wood, NO laminates, NO particle boards and NO veneers!  Our finishes are the strongest there is on the market and will withstand years of use.  We use a Catalytic Varnish that is water resistant, heat resistant, & chemical resistant.

Everyday we hear stories of how daughters or granddaughters have ruined finishes while spilling finger nail polish remover (Acetone) on their prized furniture!  When we hear those stories we usually chuckle and then tell them that we will periodically use to clean something off of a table with no worries of damaging the finish!  We have used Acetone to remove sons or grandsons model airplane glue or anything else a little boy can come up with!

Stop by and check out the endless possibilities for your home!

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